The Goldman Vein Institute in South Florida offers vein treatment services to patients throughout the Jupiter, Wellington and West Palm Beach communities. Our highly-qualified staff in each of our current locations offers our patients a warm, welcoming atmosphere with knowledgeable advice and treatment services.

Dr. Alexander Goldman and Dr. Saluja Varghese-Goldman have specially chosen their trusted medical and patient support staff. The office personnel at The Goldman Vein Institute reflect Dr. Goldman’s and Dr. Varghese-Goldman’s professionalism and dedication to treating with venous disease at its source to alleviate current pain and aid in the prevention of future vein insufficiency.









Garima Chadha
Ultrasound Technologist (RVT)

Garima is one of our experienced ultrasound technologists. She provides both Dr. Goldman and Dr. Varghese-Goldman with a variety of vein treatments, including visually and ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy and endovenous thermal laser ablation treatments.


Lana Goldman
Board-Certified Esthetician

Lana offers our patients medical-grade medi-spa treatments to clarify and beautify men and women of any age. She works closely with our patients to ensure their health and well-being following vein treatments.









Trish Martucci
Office Manager

Trish provides our patients with expert customer service, and is highly-trained in the medical field.









Candice Miller
Office Administrator and Billing Manager

Candice is a loyal member of the Goldman Vein Institute team, and provides billing services for our Jupiter, Wellington, and Miami, Florida locations. Her years of experience in customer service and medical billing provide our patients with honest, reliable service.









Jennifer Kolb
Front Desk Office Assistant








Jessica O'Brien









Tina Barnes
Nurse Sclerotherapist







Stacy Countie
Nurse Sclerotherapist




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