Leg Pain or Swelling


Leg discomfort and swelling can be caused by a variety of conditions, including varicose veins. Venous blood is full of toxins, and the purpose of veins is to route that toxic blood up to the heart where it gets refreshed. This action is a combination of a pump (the calf) and small check valves that are strategically placed throughout the venous system, allowing venous blood to only pass in the upwards direction.

Sometimes, however, due to genetics, gravity, hormones and time, these valves break, and as a consequence, venous blood refluxes and pools. This toxic build-up leads to an inflammatory response that is responsible for the signs and symptoms of venous insufficiency or venous stasis.

Using the latest in duplex ultrasound with Doppler waveform technology, the vein specialists at the Goldman Vein Institute are able to identify the underlying cause of leg pain and swelling and develop a tailored treatment plan. This non-invasive ultrasound examination, done with the patient in an upright position, provides an internal view of the veins in the legs, and can help pinpoint the exact source of venous insufficiency.

Treatment for Painful or Swollen Legs

Based on your diagnosis, our vein specialists will develop a specific treatment plan. This may include any of the following procedures:

Endovenous Laser Thermal Ablation

This minimally invasive, in-office treatment closes the affected vein(s) using gentle laser energy at a wavelength precise for venous closure. Unlike other vein treatment procedures, such as vein stripping, endovenous laser thermal ablation is done in the comfort of the physician’s office, takes 10-15 minutes to do, utilizes only local anesthesia, is safe, effective, FDA approved and allows patients to get back on their feet right away.

Visually or Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy

During this minimally invasive procedure, Dr. Goldman and Dr. Varghese-Goldman use an FDA-approved sclerosant to treat varicose veins, resulting in the relief of leg pain and swelling. Using ultrasound technology, and VARITHENA™, our vein specialists are able to visually monitor the affected vein on a screen while performing this safe, FDA-approved procedure.

Speak to a Vein Specialist about Leg Pain & Swelling

Are you ready to find relief from swollen, aching legs? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Goldman or Dr. Varghese-Goldman through our online contact form to learn more about leg pain and swelling caused by venous insufficiency and varicose veins.

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