What is Phlebology?


Many of our clients at the Goldman Vein Institute are familiar with the term phlebology, but most of the general public doesn’t know what the medical term is or they don’t make the connection between phlebology and vein treatments.

The American College of Phlebology has created a logo that will help the general public understand the terminology and the services that are provided with it. The button will direct anyone interested in the effort conducted by the American College of Phlebology to their website for more information.

Their website includes an online vein assessment that walk potential patients through a variety of signs and symptoms of many venous diseases and conditions. After individuals undergo the assessment, they can look for local providers, such as the Goldman Vein Institute for their comprehensive strategies for healthier veins.

The Goldman Vein Institute provides several solutions for better vein health including endovenous laser treatment and sclerotherapy. For more information on treatments provided, follow this link.

To take the online vein-self assessment, click on the button below to learn more about phlebology and venous conditions and diseases.

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