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As a spider vein treatment center in Jupiter, we know that these red or blue spots on legs are very common. While many people get spider veins as they age, it doesn’t make them any less unappealing.

What causes spider veins?

While there’s no single cause of spider veins, it is known that increased pressure can lead to these veins becoming more visible through the skin. More often than not, spider veins are heredity but there are certain things that can predispose a person to these veins, such as occupations where workers are required to stand a lot, being overweight, hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills.

Symptoms / diagnosis for spider veins 

Some of the common symptoms of spider veins include aches and pains in the affected areas. A heavy feeling in the legs may also be experienced. Some less common symptoms include throbbing legs and tiredness. If you are visiting a doctor for a spider vein diagnosis, the doctor may ask you about your menstrual cycle and whether you are pregnant as this can worsen the symptoms.

Risk factors for spider veins

Women are more at risk of developing spider veins than men. Age is also a risk factor, therefore the older you get, the more likely you are to have spider veins. It is estimated that 40% – 60% of adults have spider veins.

Treatments for Spider veins

There are a few treatment options available for spider veins. One of the least invasive options is support stockings that are similar to pantyhose. Your doctor may also recommend that you adopt new healthy habits, such as losing weight (if you are overweight) and taking regular brisk walks to increase the blood flow in your legs.

One of the most effective treatments for spider veins is sclerotherapy. The methodology, which was adopted from Europe, addresses feeder veins, which are the root source of spider veins. The feeder veins are treated in a progressive pattern, starting from the top and moving down in a band-like pattern.

FAQs about spider veins 

What causes spider veins on legs?

Spider veins are heredity but certain lifestyle factors, such as obesity or having a job that requires you to stand in one place for a large part of the day, can increase your chances of developing spider veins.

Can spider veins cause leg swelling or pain?


How to prevent spider vines

While spider veins can’t always be prevented, ensuring a good skin hygiene routine, keeping your BMI within a normal weight range and regular walks may reduce your chances of developing them.

Does vein treatment have any dangerous side effects?

Studies have shown that sclerotherapy is a safe, effective treatment that can eliminate as many as 50% – 80% of treated veins after just a few sessions.

Can spider veins recur after treatment?

Certain laser treatments can lead to recurring spider veins after they have been removed. Sclerotherapy, however, has been successful in removing spider veins permanently.

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